Positive Youth Foundation

One young woman from Cohort One loved the EmpowHER programme so much she really wanted to know how she could help bring change in the next cohort and act as a mentor. Positive Youth Foundation was able to integrate the young woman into their Metamorphosisters group as an active peer mentor.

She attended the sessions, helping to rally the group, inspire the other girls and stay on top of the management of the programme.  The main social action the group took part in was coordinating a panel discussion evening of inspiring female figures. Organising a show of this ambitious nature took a lot of administration and patience.

She supported the group in this aspect of the process, working independently outside of sessions. Furthermore, she kept a positive and hopeful attitude with the group when things got hard and the motivation to keep going became more and more difficult. Ian, a youth worker at Positive Youth Foundation reflected that her role as a peer mentor demonstrated how being part of EmpowHER increased her confidence, independence and productivity, things which she had found very difficult before.

“With very low self-esteem and social anxiety it was amazing to see the transformation she has undergone! We are all whole heartedly proud of her!”

-Ian, Youth Worker, Positive Youth Foundation, Coventry

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